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 NPC typos/glitches

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NPC typos/glitches Empty
PostSubject: NPC typos/glitches   NPC typos/glitches Icon_minitimeSat Apr 10, 2010 8:35 pm

#1 Event Manager, in FM...when clicking, trade cokes...it brings you to Quest NPC

#2 in the quest npc, when you click on unholy bow, and ETC it and you click "What do i need for this quest" it then says "You will need the following to make a ______ and instead of saying the item you wanna make most of them say 'Sad Mask'
EXAMPLE: "You will need the following to make a Sad Mask" (when really i clicked unholy bow)

#3 (i forgot but will update when i think of them)

NPC typos/glitches 2uoi4qu
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NPC typos/glitches
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