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 XxpimpstyxX hacked

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XxpimpstyxX hacked Empty
PostSubject: XxpimpstyxX hacked   XxpimpstyxX hacked Icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 12:01 am

my unholy shield and unholy dark mate(dagger) got stolen by a hacker

and i know who it is now josh it isnt my friend i didnt tell him my pass his IGN:holy...light139 he stole my stuff now u can give me back my stuff my unholy shield and dark mate but for dark mate i just want the rocks and gatcha please

if u want proof when i am on unholyms tell me that u want proof ill tell u my team viwer id and pass

and plus i have a witness (insert) is my witness
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XxpimpstyxX hacked
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