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 xiN3R0x's Application

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PostSubject: xiN3R0x's Application   xiN3R0x's Application Icon_minitimeWed Jul 28, 2010 8:42 am

Well, i want to be an in-game gm,and if there's such a position a coder intern (i used to code in a private erver -private as in mine f3, just trainin u no xD- and i no c,c++ and some java).

-Introduce yourself (Include Character IGN(s)
I'm Ammar, Egyptian, 16 years old, ign: xiN3R0x, been here for about ermmm, 2 years i think, but I quit for a lil while.

-Give us some more info about you

Hobbies: Basketball, programming, swimming and Doing GFX.
almost 24 hrs online (unless im out or sleepin xD), and i'm currently learnin how to play guitar and developing a photographic memory Razz.

-Reason for wanting the position why you think you're best suited for it
well for the in-game position it's most likely cuz I want to help people, instead of just sitting around doin nothing, just help the server to grow xD, and for the intern coder i want to learn more about coding in ms, i think it will help me raising my skill.

-Be honest, What you would do if not approved
ill just continue playing, its not such a big deal being rejected o.o, ill just continue with helpin ppl and chillin in fm f3.

-Do you know the server inside and out? Prove it.
As I said i used to be here for around 2 years so when i came tay was till an admin, alvin (aka bitter or squirrelz) was 1 too, michy and some other ppl that i dun remember Razz.
there was a time when we had donor packages (3 levels).
kelvin took over ums about 1 year ago and changed the name to tranquility ms.
kelvin used to send spies to ums (and i still dunno why,maybe he's jut a douche that makes sure ums fails ,ionno f3)
mia used to have the uhp for exp function.
i discovered the unholy maps uhp bug (the -uhp), i also won a level 2 donor status from an event that tay made when ums reopened after tms xD.
unholy rocks were called dark soul rocks xP.
if thats not proof enough im rdy to give more info just tell me Very Happy.

-Contact info
msn: the.glitch@live.com (thats where im mostly at)
ums: xiN3R0x
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xiN3R0x's Application
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